Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Though it may have seemed like good idea time, I'm beginning wonder about our decision as I sit here with dog crap* on my shoe. D and I are getting not one, but two puppies. Why, you ask? I have no reasonable explaination.
Two weeks ago, I found out a coworker had some unexpected puppies. D and I had once played with the mother of our pups and her brother when they were puppies and could barely keep from taking them home. We decided to get one of new puppies then thought why not get both of them? They'll keep each other company and won't be lonely, right? Sure, then they'll go Pinky & The Brain on us and one day we'll come home to a pile of charred, smoking rubble. It's amazing the things that will go through your mind when looking at a two week old puppy.

Could you resist? These little guys are two weeks old and irresistable. I have to confess, though, next month when I have to take them outside to pee at 6:30 in the morning in 25 degree weather I'm not sure they'll be so cute. And so begins our Dog Blog Experiment.
Who is being trained here?
Though many control freaks will secretly admit their need to rule with an iron fist, they won't say it out loud. So here goes: I confess....I went out and bought a book on training puppies and read EVERY SINGLE PAGE! I'm not doing this puppy training thing half-assed. At least not in theory. I can hear dog owners out there laughing right now. "Yeah, yeah. You'll have the perfect dogs that never jump on people, steal food or crap in your shoes. Bla, bla, bla."
Hey, I can bend a large group of children to my will, why not a couple of dogs genetically designed to destroy valued posessions and sleeping habits? Perhaps I should mention the best part. Right now as I sit and worry about dog food and house training, D stands behind me and says "Oh, aren't they so cute?! Look at him!" I'm in big trouble, aren't I? These dogs are going to be our training children. We can hash out my need to rule and D's need to spoil. Can this marraige survive? News at 10:00.
Now comes the really inportant part. Long before we ever bring these two little brothers home, we have to name them. Any ideas?
NOTICE: Any names you wouldn't say to your own mother (except you, Adam) will not be considered. We have to walk these public.

*No dog crap was harmed in the writing of this blog. Besides, it belonged to a dog that's lived out on this ranch much longer than I have, so what right have I to complain about a stinky treat found on the bottom of my shoe?


Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Awwwww! They're like little Butches! Those are gonna be some fat happy dogs.

tiny robot said...

I must admit, your new "babies" are the most adorable things I've seen in many a moon. In fact, I'm having trouble drinking my breakfast because I'm saying, "Awwww..." so much.

Is this part of The New Cuteness? Indeed.

tiny robot said...

Oh, as for names, I vote one should be called Snuffy and the other Foo-Foo.

(I can see D gesturing with his hands and saying, "No!" right now...) What can i say? I tried.

Mel-a-rific said...

I thought Joey Jo-Jo Jr. Shabadoo was a Guinea Pig at first...sorry.

baby guanaco said...

how about Pinky and the Brain? too dorky pop? you've already made reference to it, so i thought it might have been inspired. i thought those lil' critters were guinea pigs as well, so we can still go with this rodent tangent.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Weren't Lindsey's rats named Pinky and the Brain? Hmm. I don't recall. But it would make sense...

Mel-a-rific said...

Names...first off, are they male or female?...not that gender should ever determine animal names...

Hmmmm...let's seeeee...I vote on:

1. Hall and Oates

2. Ike and Tina (if the sexes fit..AND these names are appropriate for when you're yelling at them during training...)

3. Tiny Dancer and Rocket Man...ok, the music associations end here.

4. Teacup McGee and Biscuits Flanigan <---My favorite :)

5. Bacon and Eggs

6. Scratch n' Sniff <---my second favorite

7. Cut n' Paste

Ok. I'm done. Can't wait to see the final decision.

tiny robot said...

I, too, like Teacup and Biscuits.

In all honesty, I think whatever name you pick doesn't matter...because nicknames always win out in the end.

Jane said...

I vote for Mack and Brown!! Its perfect!!!