Thursday, October 12, 2006

Good news, Bad news, you pick

While trolling the partisan blogs today, I came across the answer to a question that I have had in my mind for the past couple of years: Are Bush (personally) and his administration really fundamentalists? Do they really believe the words that come out of their mouths or the words they distribute in press releases?

Sadly (or happily?), the answer is what my parents have always cynically suspected: No.

According to a new book written by David Kuo, who was the number two guy at the Office of Faith Based initiatives, the Bush Administration has been using fundamentalist evangelical Christians for their vote much like you'd use a bludgeon to club a baby seal.

So both sides get their comeuppance and prove my parents right: The fundamentalists didn't get to turn their narrow view of morality into U.S. law (at least not on the federal level), the Administration is tagged as a bunch of phonies, and it becomes clear that their agenda really is to make as much money possible for themselves and their loyalists. Move over Ulysses S. Grant.


tiny robot said...

Yeah, I kinda noticed that there was always a lot of talk during election cycles about socially & fiscally conservative laws and measures that the Republicans wanted to inact, but when the time came, they did the opposite or they did nothing at all. Or they sunk the Treasury's balance into warmonngering and coporate tax breaks...

I think it's very easy to be cynical about the Bust Admin, but it's just as easy to be cynical about everyone else in gov't as well. It seems like they're all so worried about poll numbers and reelection that they don't do anything useful, much less progressive (and i mean "progressive" in the sense of getting the business of the country done, but the other sense is cool too).

If the national politcal machine's aim was to alienate the citizenry from its elected representation, then they've succeeded. We just need to remember that in this democracy, we have the power to vote.

Cheer up! And don't forget to vote Nov 2nd.

DM said...

More on this post from Fresh Air

Also, Election Day is November 7th.