Monday, November 06, 2006

One last political post before the big day

Besides the principle reasons that I don't vote republican, there are the dirty tricks that republicans employ that compel me to donate both time and money to the opposition party. (And no, the shit they pull in the link above is NOT something that both sides do, you cynic, you.)

For you political junkies out there, you can make your own predictions about the House and Senate races over at Swing State. I've made mine. The winner of this multiple person pool gets a free massage, some meth, and some inappropriate sexual conduct.

Also check out HN's recent post about Election Day.

Oh, and by the way, VOTE!


neonprimetime said...

My Prediction here

Uncle Joe said...


10:08 EST and Santorum conceeded.

(Of course, now Penn Hills school district will really have to pay for his kids...)

Uncle Joe

Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Surprising how little of a margin there was between Perry and Bell. Maybe, just MAYBE there's hope for this state yet. The Travis County results were hilarious. So many hippies. If only the rest of the state would loosen up...