Thursday, January 11, 2007

Camping 2007

You know, I never noticed that the year coincided with the number of times we've been doing this camping thing.

Since it has been established that the arch-camper Mel-a-rific will indeed be in the country* for camping this year, we again try in vain to get an early consensus on where and when.

When: The weekends of April 14, 21, 28 look best so far. Weekend of April 7 is Easter, so that's a no go. We could do it earlier, but some people don't like to be cold.

Where: I heard a lot of talk for a place near Austin for this year, so here are the only two real choices:

Pedernales Falls (which gets my first place vote)
McKinney Falls

Then there is also the nearby places we've already been:
Enchanted Rock (drive-up this time, I swear)
Inks Lake (this time without everyones favorite jester)

There is also a more comprehensive list of the camping spots in Central Texas

And of course if anyone knows of any private (but cheap) campsites, speak up!

So please leave comments here as to your preferences. And please send this post to as many people as you'd like.

*This will be Mel-a-rifics last year camping with us as she is going to be stationed in the Philippines with the Peace Corp for the next 2 years


jane said...

Hi D and M. I have the same pic on my computer. Katy put it up before she went back to school.
Dad made it through the first week of school. Hope you guys are fine and the puppies too.

Mary said...

April 28th is out for myself and Mr. Wonderful. The other two weekends look great. I vote Inks Lake or Pedernales because I have heard good things about both. Mr. Wonderful has a severe passion for Enchanted Rock so he probably votes that but he seems happy with everything.
~The Booklahver

tiny robot said...

I wouldn't mind going to E. Rock again, but I have to vote for P. Falls since I've not been there before.

Any weekend in April is fine, even Easter (as of today); however, M and I are planning a special event that month, so the sooner we can nail down a camping date, the better! :-)

Who is the "jester" you mentioned?

tiny robot said...

Oh, and March is good, too. I have sweaters and blankets and know how to make a fire. Just no swimming, that's all...

abbenormal said...

Count me in on the camping. I'm totally flexible on the where and when.

jane said...

Hey thanks for the Hamster Dance. I was just thinking about that recently and thought of looking for it on you tube or something. I just checked it out today for some reason. Did you all get a snow day? Katy had one today, Wednesday. We are cold but dry.

I liked Melarifics blog too. Is she really joining the Peace Corps? Or is it not for sure yet?