Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Tuesday night, M and I happen to catch the 25th anniversary clip show of Nature on PBS. Since I've probably only seen like 10 episodes over the years, all of the clips were new to me. And all of the were the best of the best from Nature. Some, like the clip below were simply amazing. Others were gruesomely real, and the clip from their show on the pet situation in the aftermath of Katrina was near impossible to watch.

The anniversary show is living proof that PBS can still produce TV that is worth watching and far better than anything on network or cable.


The clip is about the mating behavior of these little birds called Manakids. The woman in the clip is describing their mating ritual.


Anonymous said...

That lady is my hero. What they didn't tell you is that bird, while maintaining mating ritual appearances, really invites nestlings over for "slumber parties."
~The Booklahver

Uncle Joe said...

I also heard that it has bones of the elephant bird in its nest.

baby guanaco said...

PBS is indeed awesome. Aparently, it is also the most trusted institution in the nation.