Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The experiment is what?

The experiment is over. No, not the dog one, the rural life experiment. M and I moved for one reason: so that I could gain the experience needed to someday return to Austin with a decent paying job.

The experiment is over.
Now, I can get to appreciating all of what I'm going to miss about ranch life: I'm going to miss the snakes and spiders (mo' poisonous, mo' better), the scorpions, the myriad of bugs, beetles, grasshoppers, walking sticks, mantids, bees, wasps, lizards, hawks, owls, kites, moo cows, horses, coyotes, road runners, the view, the storms,the stars!, moonlit nights you could read a book they were so bright, quietude, drumming whenever I pleased, peeing in the middle of the yard, moonless nights do dark you couldn't see your hand unless it was silhouetted against the stars, that one eclipse of the moon, our yard, our veterinarian, the cheap rent. I guess there is more than I thought I'd miss.

The experiment is over.
Essentially, it is the other 15 hours of the day where the liabilities of small town "come to light" (in the parlance of our times). More for M than me. I actually really like my job. Our collective "beef" with this town are many and they have been documented. But not here...this is a celebratory post.

The experiment is over
Now it is time to pay back what I owe. M supported me when I was unemploy(able?)ed and when I was in grad school. And then I asked her to pick up and move from a job that she liked. All for me. Well now its my turn. The risk was worth it as my remuneration will be enough to support M while she takes her sabbatical from reality. We'll be looking for housing now; housing with a yard, a spare bedroom, quiet neighbors, all for under $1000. Hey, it could happen.

The experiment is over.
Moving time has come. If anyone is interested in helping, we'll likely do it May 26th or June 2. Keep those dates in mind. Dinner and beer on us.

The blog may change form in the coming months to punctuate the change, but we'll keep the name.

In case I haven't been clear, I did get that job that I interviewed for last week. And just in time. Yea!


tiny robot said...

YAY! Congrats on your new job, D! I'm very proud of you. (Even if you're working for "The Man".)

I can't wait to have you and M back in the same city--more people to have over for game nite!

P.S. I'm sorry I called you an "ass" last night. I thought you were drunk dialing me when you hung up. I shouldn't have assumed.

Mary said...

What job? Please elaborate....
Yeah for you and your success! And M's too!

DM said...

Just a job. I'll tell you about it this weekend. I don't want to say where here.

Uncle Joe said...

Congrats. (Your Mom told me last night.)

Have fun moving.