Friday, September 28, 2007

Don't Get Outrage Fatigue

Found this youtube video through various means today. I think there are three lessons one should take away from it.

1. You can never be outraged enough, there will always be something that will make you see red. If this doesn't, your soul has died and you are now cynical enough to be a hipster/music or movie critic.

2. Witness the power of archives interfacing with new user-driven content technologies or by its fancy term "Web 2.0."

3. Why would such a logical forthright assessment could so easily be overlooked ten years later by the very same person? It wasn't, he is simply George Costanza's take on the old lady from Titanic....he's just a liar.

To wit: Here is our current VPOTUS speaking in 1992 to some group called the Economic Club of Detroit (no doubt some sort of outfit that makes cheap head-hitting implements) on why the US didn't invade Baghdad after Arid Dust-Devil.

UPDATE: Upon a second look, you'll notice that in the context of today you can see that he believed it could be done but at the time had to obey the recommendations of the president (and those with cooler heads and bigger brains who were advising the president).

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