Thursday, March 20, 2008

A New House

M and I bought a house today. We are looking forward to finally having a place big enough to have people other than my sister over. Because we actually bought an affordable house at a reasonable price, there are some things that have to be fixed.
Some professionally: new roof (which the seller agreed to pay), replacement of aluminum wiring with copper, and termite poisoning.
Some amateurly: new toilets, replacing the sliding glass door with a real backdoor, fixing a hole in the drywall in the laundry room, replacing the hideous ceiling fan and overhead light in the living room, replacing the cabinets.
And finally the stuff that we are recruiting volunteers for: painting!
In the future we hope to build a rainwater harvesting system as well as replacing the backyard grass with native plants and grasses.
Not all of these things will be done in time for the party in June, but we are hoping that you all can make it.
See previous post for picture.


jane said...

Hey just have a painting party. Buy bbq and beer. Party after its done. post pictures.

abbenormal said...

Big congrats you guys!!

UnClE JoE said...


Beer and paint don't mix well. You may need a touch-up party later.

Buy a cordless drill - Makita or Dewalt.

Is "rainwater harvesting system" the same a "barrel"?

Booklahver said...

Congratulations!! And fancy new toilets from the City?? Score!
As for rainwater harvesting and other handyman endeavours: if you need any help/advice, Dave's pretty good at all that. But I know how you guys are so...
He's there if you need him. :)

tiny robot said...

Well, I can certainly paint! Just gimme a call, yo?

Congrats again on your new home!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for painting...w0rd!