Thursday, January 08, 2009

Twelve Dollars and Fifty Cents of Sweat

After 10 years of collecting, starting with Delaware and ending today with Hawaii, M and I completed our commemorative book of statehood quarters.

The dogs were thrilled

The decade of hard searching ended when I found Hawaii in the till at work. I swapped Hawaii out for a duplicate Nebraska and filled the last hole in the non-archival, but quality crafted book.

Over the years I've been surprised at the odd interest that the book generated amongst our guests. If you'd like to see the book (with your eyes, not with your hands) and bask in its glory, our viewing schedule is anytime that we are at home and not sleeping.

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Uncle Joe said...

Congrats on the collection. We lost interest sometime around Ohio. But I lost a lot of faith with Tennessee's "backward" trumpet. I suppose Stephen Jay Gould would have been amused.

Uncle Joe