Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Planting and Gardening

Once winter moved on, we decided to try to spruce up the yard. We know that we'll never be able to grow grass; we don't get enough sun and it isn't sustainable over time so we are going to plant as many plants as we can.

We couldn't really afford to go out and buy plants but we had enough friendly neighbors, friends and co-workers that we got many donated plants. What we did spend money on was bricks to line the old planters. We got both red and tan bricks for both planters.

When we got them home we found that we had 72 tan and 24 red, 96 total. It just so happens that there are exactly 25 prime numbers between 0 and 96. So all of the red bricks are prime numbers in succession from 1-96. We were one short so we used one of our Butler Bricks.

Practical Math.

Of course, those pictures were taken in April. Here is what the planters look like today:

Stolen cactus/Pretty flowers

Much better even if it hides the math.


Uncle Joe said...

"...we had 72 tan and 25 red, 96 total"

You might run that through the calculator again...

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe said...

...It's like 1984.

tiny robot said...

Wow! Less yard to mow! Awesome!