Friday, February 24, 2006

Hey junior campers...

Yesterday, I expressed to Mel-a-rific how I was nervous about taking the dogs camping as long as there were other dogs coming. At dog class (aka puppy kindergarten) both Oscar and Felix growl and snap and bark at the other puppies in the class and we just can't seem to figure out how to get them to be nice.

So yesterday, as Mel's e-mail as the impetus, we held our breath and let Oscar and Felix have at the ranch dogs.

As one website put it, "puppies will annoy adult dogs incessantly." You'd of thought Fritz was covered with gravy the way they kept licking his face. Fritz quickly quashed that activity simply by growling. You can see the effect it had on the puppies

Gaby was more standoffish than Fritz. She never really warmed up to the puppies as you can see here. Both Gaby and Fritz are somewhat elderly dogs so they made very half-assed attempts to chase off Oscar and Felix.

After a while, both puppies did exactly what "the literature" told us they would do. They became submissive to Fritz and laid over on their back. It was an accepted invitation for Fritz to sniff them out.

In the end, it went better than we had expected as Oscar, Felix, and Fritz became friends. Of course, my camera missed the best part of the this adventure: Fritz walked over to some bushes with Oscar following. Oscar was standing underneath Fritz and was curious as to why Fritz was lifting his leg. After his golden shower, both he and Felix got a bath.

Then we decided to get rid of them.

So for those of you bringing dogs on the camping trip, beware, because they will be annoyed incessantly by Oscar and Felix


tiny robot said...

Oh, so if I growl at El Pupps they will "submit" to me and cease any annoyances? Good to know.

Camping, ahoy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I guess I should tell you guys this. No decision yet on camping (me or the canines), but I have a new 8-month-old puppy who could also annoy people. Except that she's really sweet and so far, well-behaved. Her name's Betty. So now I get to come home from work and say, "My bitches." Hooray for households with two dogs!