Monday, February 13, 2006

Hey there bloggers...

A new discovery in pet ownership was made this past week.

Puppies don't shed!? Eggs don't ripen?!

So what is going on? Oscar and Felix are fast becoming adolsecent dogs. No longer are they soft, sac-less, 2lb. animals. It is actually a strain to pick each of them up with one hand. And forget about holding them in one hand while they struggle against being brushed.

I wish we had photographed them against the same background every week so you could better tell that they have grown.

Below are two photographs. One taken today, the other taken the first week we had the puppies, January, 3 2006.

And here is a little factoid. From the cheapest wholesaler, it would cost $1000 to build a 7ft. tall toilet role pyramid.

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tiny robot said...

Why all the toilet paper? Or is it just the cardboard rolls that you need?