Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hello gentle readers

We just got back from vacation and we should post about South Padre Island, the World Cup, the Gladys Porter Zoo, our anniversary, but none of that is nearly as interesting as our adventures over the past two days.

Yesterday, my boss handed me a clipping from the newspaper about a certain gubernatorial candidate making a stop in Abilene.

As expected the Jewish cowboy attracted an eclectic group of 50 or so people, everyone of whom was wondering why the person next to them lived in Abilene. We were the only delegates from our small county.

I felt compelled to buy something so he'd have something to sign. I bought Roadkill, but if Adam hadn't of asked for it back I would have had When the Cats away on hand.

M also bought some salsa.

Note by M:
I've met the man and I still have NO IDEA for whom I should vote in a few short months. I am excited though that for once I won't be voting against a particularly bad candidate...I can actually vote for a good one! I just don't know who that is yet.

Today, M came with me and my boss to Granbury on business. It was my first on location archival survey. It was also DM's first trip on one of these.

As you can see, we had a great time in this 4-seater despite it being smaller than a suburban.

We had to wear those headsets to talk to each other. The ride home was in a different plane that allegedly had air conditioning. We had to ride sitting backward this time and because of afternoon heat columns, I nearly lost my lunch, though I maintained my manly composure.

Note by M:
I kept an eye out for telltale piles of dirt near the airplane hangers, but it looks like the Night Flier hasn't recently visited the Metroplex or its surrounding areas.

For those interested in our vacation (Mom), we took a trip down to South Padre Island where the waves were lame compared to last year's hurricane Emily steroid charged waves. We watched a lot of World Cup and really got into it, well the guys got into it. The girls were watching the games through pornographic lenses (M doesn't dig soccer players the way a fellow female watcher did). I wasn't really pulling for any particular team, but it was really exciting when someone scored. My zeal for World Cup took me far beyond the vacation all the way to the headbutt heard 'round the world.

We also went to the Zoo for the benefit of my 3 year old nephew, who thankfully, is well behaved. Since the Valley's climate is quite similar to that of most tropical and African animals, the Gladys Porter Zoo is, in my opinion, one of the best zoos. The animals rarely have to be caged due to weather so there is the maximum of space used for a realistic habitat. Our nephew mostly liked the snakes. I liked this biotch.

Kinda reminds me of Contra. (And yes, those are its phosphorescent young writhing on its back.)

For our anniversary, we got to spend a quiet evening alone at a nice restaurant followed by not those kind, we had to share our room...and the walls were thin. I could hear my dad snoring through the walls in the condo next door. But seriously, its been 5 years! Some of you were there, some of you (well one) were not yet born, and thankfully none of you are now deed!

M note:
According to the book How to Lie With Statistics we have lasted longer than half the newlywed population. Now if only we could update our blog more often!


Mel-a-rific said...

First off...congratulations!

Second off...that scorpion is no match for the Contra team! I still get a deep feeling of satisfaction upon defeat of that game. Huzzah!

tiny robot said...

Five yrs! Woo!

Nice picture w/ Kinky --- I heard him on the radio this morning on my way to work. I really like him. The question is: will enough TX voters like him enuf to vote for him? The grand opening of his campaign headquarters is tomorrow --- I might just go.

Anonymous said...

1) great pic! Viva le resistance!
2) good job keeping up your manly composure but what's an archival survey have to do with planes? Forgive my ignorance.
3) Congratulations on five years!!!! That's wonderful! I'm not deed, praise the Kinky.
4) You get 5 million points for mentioning Contra. I love that game.
5) M is hot.
6) My word verification is ujrfu. That's right, fu too! :)
~The Booklahver

Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Mmm, Nightflyer.

I don't think I'm gonna vote for the Kinkster, but I'm still on the fence. Did you know he used to babysit for Mr Temple (of Canyon Vista/ Spamarama fame)??

Did you watch Nightmares and Dreamscapes (the first episode was Battleground!)

Rick said...

I think that guy's my uncle Javi!!!!!!!!

Rick said...

The internet....IS A SERIES OF TUBES!!!

Uncle Joe said...

Kinky Freidman - I wish we had such great candidates to vote for here. (On the other hand, I'll get to vote against Rick I-really-live-in-Penn-Hills-but-quit-looking-in-my-windows Santorum.) And on a local ballot, we had a choice of a brawler or a tax-cheat.

[By the way, a Google - I feel Lucky of "Santorum" will get a very - uh -gross result.]

Uncle Joe