Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rain, Sun, and Pikachu.

I had heard that there was a botanical garden within reasonable driving distance for us, so this Saturday we packed up the dogs and paid the Clark Botanical Gardens a visit. This was the first time we'd taken the dogs anywhere out in public with the exception of the PetSmart doggy training classes.

Oscar and Felix did remarkably well, especially since the place was practically deserted. There were however some guinea hens and a large white peacock that kept taunting them, saying "come and get us Felix, come and get us Oscar, the best part's in the rump."

The 35 acre garden was pretty amazing for what is supposed to be the west texas wasteland. We took only a few choice, highly scripted, photos.

This was under a waterfall, but the extremes of light and dark confused the camera.

We didn't get any plant-life photos, but if you like that kinda stuff, archivists can do more than just archive.

That night there was a really fun storm that came in. The rain was horizontal, the wind knocked stuff over, and we got to see lightning strike just yards from our front door. The bolt was pink.

While searching for hors d'oeuvre recipes online, we stumbled upon Pikachu Hors d'oeuvres. The page is set up as a delightful little satire of a scientific journal article and it was just too strange not to share.


Anonymous said...

Cute pics!! And I received the postcard, thank you so much!! I tried posting these comments earlier but the computer ate my post. And the other times...I was sleeping?
So yes, if you would like to visit Denton (now 50% rat-free!) you may come up whenever you wish and stay. Just let me know. Cuz then I will be there. And hopefully Dave will too.
~The Booklahver

G.J. McCarthy said...

That Pikachu link is pretty funny, guys. Too bad I hate brie cheese ... but I do like me some "tater tots" mmmmmmmmm, Pikachu tater tots ....

Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Those dogs are too cute for their own good.

Stella Artois said...

Where are the beach pics? And who else do you know that lives in Denton?