Thursday, August 31, 2006

If anyone has been listening, reading, or (god forbid) watching the news, you may know that the administration has been likening itself to Winston Churchill and the terrorists to the Nazis, claiming that the US is fighting to stop a growing tide of Islamic fascism. In this story from NPR, Rumsfeld claims this in earnest.

An unusually decent editorial from Keith Olberman*, a talking head from TVland, sums up my outrage and disgust. Read it, because if you have become complacent and apathetic to the constant barrage of bullshit coming from the WH, this will whip you back into a froth just in time to get out and vote.

P.S. We did kill the snake that just recently bit Felix.

*and yes, I understand the irony of this contrasted with my parenthetical comment earlier

Just for fun.


G.J. McCarthy said...

The PR "offensive" NPR suggests sure is coming together ...

Personally, I'm thinking (and hoping) that this all backfires. The generation of Americans who remember this time period -- and, heretofore, have supported the administration, particularly its aggressive legislation of morality -- may not take kindly to the comparisons. Saddam's a pretty bad guy, but he's no Stalin or Hitler. And as for all the "fascism" talk, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Sheesh.

tiny robot said...

I agree. The Bush Admin throws around names and words like Paris Hilton throws around pets and fiancees: without a care in the world.

I'm still in a state of shock from all the country-invading and rights-stripping this Administration has perpetrated upon us and those abroad.

I don't feel safer because of ANYTHING they've done. In fact, I feel more fearful now that my beloved country has become the most hated in the world, all because some failed oilman from Po-dunk Texas lucked his way into the White House and has f*cked us all in the ass.

Come on, will somebody PLEASE reassure me that we're really okay, that we just turned to the wrong page in a crappy Choose Your Own Adventure Book?