Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stephen Colbert will die soon

Perhaps you all have heard of Stephen Colbert's gig at the White House Press Corps Dinner thingy, I know that I had, but I realized that it may be on youtube.

I have never seen anyone with a bigger set of balls than Colbert. Its so scary to watch, yet you can't turn away. Its like his show but in front of the people he makes fun of in his show. Its brutal, he even makes fun of the reporters in the audience. Its actual real satire. If you have a fast connection, you should watch.

I sincerely hope that Ann Richards got to see this before she died. RIP the real tough grandma.


tiny robot said...

Hey now, don't you be cursin' The Colbert! Who else can mock pundit culture as well as he can?

Stella Artois said...

Hi. Oklahoma losing to Oregon. I wish I could watch utube. Am thinking of getting new and better computer at xmas so think about what i should get ok. We are all fine and watching too much college football. Why does Rice play Texas?

Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Yar, 'tis a true pirate, that one. I be havin' it on me ipod.