Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You too can be politically savvy, or get yelled at

At the risk of this blog becoming more political and less dog, I offer up the following:

First, If you are a non-republican of any stripe and are at all interested in the coming mid-term elections but you just don't want to wade through all of the bullshit to get at the information, some nut has put together Electoral Vote.com, a non-partisan (as far as I can tell) website that breaks down every contested senate and house race. There is polling data for each race and for the most part, the polls are very encouraging. For those of us in Texas, we can at least live vicariously through other states, such as Pennsylvania who will soon have a new Senator.

Second, if you have a fast internet connection, you dislike Fox News, you disliked Path to 9/11 so much you didn't watch it, you love (or at least miss) Bill Clinton, and your tired of seeing politicians give lame answers to stupid questions, enjoy this two part interview:


Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Thanks for the website link! I so needed that. I've been trying to find stuff about all the different issues/people for a while now, but I never stumbled upon this site. Much easier!

baby guanaco said...

i miss Bill a lot.

i still contend that it's unbelieveable how things are so incredibly f-ed up right now, and that the only reasonable explanation is that somehow, we slipped into a wormhole dimension where a pampered failure who can barely articulate a coherent sentence has somehow become the leader of the free world.

not free for long, i gather.

Uncle Joe said...

I just hope we can survive the political ads [here in PA]. Its still September and already we're saturated. Its scary, but don't count Santorum out - those polls come up short by 13%!! If you're so stupid that you are undecided, then you'll be pulling the level for Rick.