Monday, December 11, 2006

I got nuthin'...or some ramblings*

Hello readers!

Its almost Christmas time and perhaps I will fill all of you out there in on what is in store for this household come the New Year.

A certain D of DM recently applied for a job in Austin, and for the first time in perhaps my entire life, I am really (perhaps stupidly) optimistic about this job prospect. I applied mid-november and will likely know for sure (post interview) around late-january, early february. It means all kinds a complicated shit if I do get what comes the closest to my "dream job." Complicated, but exciting. Complicated for instance in that we would need to find a house with a yard on a UT bus route. Since the content of the job would not likely excite anyone reading, the context is that I would work in the same building that M attends class. How badass would that be?

M should find out about grad school in late-february. She sent off her application materials last friday and is finally done with the application process.

*If this post feels somewhat halting and broken in its prose, that is because of a failed/sucessful experiment using V8 as the base for a bloody mary. Yes, Mom, I know its Monday.

Keeping the above in mind, I don't (necessarily) want to alienate our reader base (whatever that may be), but the dogs are grown and M doesn't want to dress them so I'm finding it harder to justify posts dedicated to them.

I told T of HN recently that I wanted to have less politics at the site, but stuff like this just can't be ignored, so I think that the blog will probably become less about the dogs over time and more about whatever kinda crap me or M want to post.

But not so fast....
This photo, courtesy of M is like a Gerry photo if he covered dog shows (which may happen if he doesn't watch his mouth).


Uncle Joe said...

"...content of the job would not likely excite anyone reading..."
What - you mean all librarians aren't like Noah Wylie's character?
I am disillusioned.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck D&M!! That would be so rad (yes, it's Retro Word Wednesday) if you got a job in Austin. I had a dream last night that I moved down there. It would be like an Ischool reunion minus the papers and professors...except for M.
Wuv and Merry Christmas to you both, and the pups!
~The Booklahver

tiny robot said...

Seeing as how I'm a fan of political and nonsequitor ramblings, I vote "Yes" on Proposition Various Musings.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Yay! Move back to Austin! All the cool kids are doing it! And let a sista know when you're gonna be around on holiday time, so we can hang.

Anonymous said...

well, jerry has to go somewhere, no?

cute pic.