Monday, December 18, 2006

The Pros and Cons of livin in the stix

About 2 months ago, the drain in our bathtub started to drain slowly. We didn't think much of it at the time because this sort of thing happens to people with hair. Gradually, it just kept getting worse until it came to a head this weekend when it stopped draining all together: "it stopped draining," they all said.

We had tried "Drain-Oh" earlier, but it didn't work and so I thought that is was just some massive clog that needed a roto-rooter. So we bought one, its called snake and really all it is is a flexible but strong metal cable. We got 15 feet of it down the drain without hitting the clog.

Some clog, eh!

So as a last ditch effort, we bought some heavy duty sulfuric acid-based (pardon the pun) drain cleaner.

Foul smelling, scary bubbling, visible vapors, and it was brown.

Megan just happen to be outside with the dogs when she saw a brown bubblin' brew and an impending environmental disaster.

This is the crack in the drain pipe where the water had been draining into our yard. I went online and read how to clean up the mess safely and went about shoveling up the contaminated mud, all whilst it hissed at me. Have you ever had mud hiss at you?!

So I called our neighbor and told him that I believe there was a crack in the drain pipe and he concurred and fixed it today. Today?! That would never ever happen in the city. In Austin, we'd have to call Stern Lecture plumbing or some such place and actually pay for someone to fix it.


We got a snow day 2 weeks ago. Enjoy!

Are they holding hands out of mutual love, or fear?

A collage of the snow day.

Felix REALLY likes that guy from MythBusters.


tiny robot said...

Yay, snow! I love that pic of you and the kids, D!

As for your drain/pipe problems, yous are lucky!

Uncle Joe said...

Wastewater - hissing mud - now you're talking my language.

You did follow the pipe back to the septic tank and drainage field, too? Or is the a local wastewater system?

DM said...

Ha. I totally forgot where you worked. The pipe, which only carries away the bathwater actually drains about 30 feet away down a hill behind the backyard. I thought of chastising, but the landowners have owned the land for about 100 years and will probably own it for 100 more so I'd doubt they'd give much thought to my opinions.

baby guanaco said...

that whole pipe/acid deal is like a rural domestic adventure. interesting picture, seemingly with the chemicals all swirly.

is this the first snow for the dogs? if so, how did they react to it?

Uncle Joe said...

...only water from the tub...bath water...yeah, that's the ticket...just bath water...

Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

What is this "snow" you speak of?

Uncle Joe said...

Curiously, you have had more snow this season than we have....