Sunday, June 24, 2007

Finally here, like for realz

Well, now that we've unpacked, had friends over, hosted overnight guests and even made improvements to the yard (barely) there's no excuse for not posting.

The dogs have adjusted well to the new house and have several new favorite activities, none of which involve fangs or snake venom, whew.

Here's one of their favorite ways to spend time.

Not a single living creature who dares to approach our house avoids detection. The boys have even figured out that they can run out the dog door and bark through the fence at anyone foolish enough to spend too much time in front of "their" house.

The dog door also provides another favorite activity: waiting for an unsuspecting bird or squirrel to enter the yard, then bursting through the dog door in a mad dash to seek and destroy any intruders into terrier territory. It's quite a sight, and I believe that the squirrels are just toying with the poor pups, evil bastards......

Here is Felix's new form of hunting, tennis balls. Since he can no longer hunt snakes and wabbits, he has learned to roll tennis balls under the couch and then stare at them longingly for hours. We think he was actually asleep in this shot, after a long bout with the out of reach ball. D has long since stopped fishing them out, since we saw him actually push one with his nose toward the bottom of the couch. Evil bastard.......

Finally, the boys have been meeting many new friends. We know A LOT of cat people, which has been interesting, especially for Felix who doesn't know when to give up and go looking for crumbs or empty laps.

The most exciting event for them was no doubt the 6th birthday party of Frida, the chihuahua. By night's end there were 14 dogs in attendance and our two had had enough and were climbing legs to get away from the madness. All in all, I don't think they minded the move once they adjusted and we have now engaged Oscar in a fence battle. He drew first blood by escaping into the neighbor's yard twice and we countered with a cinder block. He wasted no time finding a third chance into the yard and we answered back today with a trip to the hardware store for 24 feet of victory laid along the fence line. Your move, Oscie.

More soon, probably!


tiny robot said...

That pic of them staring out the window is precious!

Uncle Joe said...

Squirrels are probably toying with the dogs. The squirrels seemed to know Guenever's (an Old English Sheepdog) range and would bolt across the yard from tree to tree with plenty of room to spare with Guen in pursuit. But a couple times a year, Guen would get a haircut and she could see much better; she would narrow the gap to a few inches, but she still never caught one. But she definitely kept the squirrels on their toes.

Kelly said...

Still adorable.

Squirrels are really mean. The squirrels at my parents' house will yell at the dog for like 10 minutes and then start throwing things at her. And the birds try to divebomb all the neighborhood pets. If they ever start grouping up, I'm outta there. I've seen Hitchcock movies.

Although, my cat used to team up with the squirrels to fight the birds, so maybe they'll end up destroying each other and leaving the puppies out of it.