Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Flying Trapeze? Close.....

We did fly though the air with the greatest of ease, but thankfully there were no trapezes!

D and I had quite an adventure recently for our 6th wedding anniversary. We drove out into the sticks to take a Canopy Tour through a grove of cypress trees. You may recognize this from an old dog blog post.

We took a series of zip lines and looked a little goofy wearing all of our gear, but we had a blast and highly recommend this to anyone willing to travel down 450 feet of cable way up in the air. (they do train you first)

Here's a shot of M coming down the line (take my word for it)

And here's D about to land on the platform.

Don't we look cool with all our gear on?

Yes we were this high in the trees, sometimes higher! And they encourage you to scream, look up, let go and even give you style points for a pose on the last zip.

Again, you should all do this!


baby guanaco said...

Looks like super fun!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, i saw this and i just couldnt stop laughing. Not because of your funny faces, but because of the shirt you would take to go do that. Miss you guys.