Friday, August 10, 2007

Interesting stuff from Gmail, and some comments on SPAM

For a while now, I've been a bit irked at the seemingly constant stream of SPAM related publicity, most likely perpetrated by those whose entire existence must be ironic. Yes, SPAM (the luncheon meat, not the seductively literate class of e-mail) was once funny because of how disgusting it was, but after a festival*, millions of hits on google, and its endless tour on the sitcom circuit, its getting as tired as that "Whazzzup!" commercial from a couple of years ago.

Besides there is plenty of other bizarre food from a bygone era to idolize, just look here, or why not vienna sausages, or Deviled Ham**? The 1950s were full of disgusting crap. Why don't sardines get a festival? They could combine it into a Cat Fancy dual festival.

Speaking of disgusting crap, how about this, which was a web clip on my Gmail: Spam Fajitas!
WTF? I'll spare you all my diatribe (which I learned from dad) about how fajita is actually a cut of meat. I hate it when food is intellectually dishonest.

But it gets better. The "recipe" calls for salsa, but not just any salsa, its has to be from CHI CHI's, a "mexican" restaurant that I've only seen in Pennsylvania. Why don't I just put some mayo on some avocados and call it guacamole?

So I'll leave you all with this thought. If illegal immigration from the south is such a hugh problem, then how come Chi Chi's still exists? I don't think national security is worth bad mexican food, do you?

UPDATE: The Spam Fajitas must be a marketing scheme. Both Chi Chi's Salsa AND SPAM are owned by Hormel Foods!

UPDATE 2: As Uncle Joe mentions, Chi Chi's restaurant went out of business and good riddance! However, the above conspiracy still holds. Also I found out that if you are in the spam folder of you gmail, all of the web clips have to do with spam.

*Why Austin, why not Dollywood if they are really looking for irony?
**Which is actually pretty damn good sometimes.


uncle joe said...

You do know that the Chi-Chi's restaurant chain went out of business a few years ago, after several patron's at a Beaver Co. PA location contracted hepatitis A? The chain never recovered from the bad press. (I think it was traced to their green onion supplier.) They were nationwide; but sometimes bad is bad.

tiny robot said...

I think you should channel your food rage into organizing a Cat Food Festival! Everyone could bring their cats. I can see the resulting carnage now...

themellenhead said...

Here in the Philippines, I eat lots of Spam. I pretty much just eat anything that anyone has prepared for me and try my best to keep a poker face.

You know, Spam's not that bad.

But, then again, I was saying the same thing back in college and I endured many ridicule sessions for it. Someday, I'll talk to you about the greatness of fried bologna.

Uncle Joe said...

Bloody Vikings

Katy A said...

Today at the HEB Kevin and I saw a spam imitation called 'Lunch.' I've also seen it called Treat. Someone's parents made me spam slices for breakfast once and I remember eating it with salimon and it was pretty good.