Monday, November 19, 2007

Giving thanks...

Though many may be under the impression that this coming week is about turkey vs. ham, cranberry sauce vs. real cranberries or giving thanks that your family doesn't suck vs. giving thanks that this holiday is only one day; it's not.

This coming week is about Texas vs. Texas A&M, Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State, and the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets. This week is also about a bunch of other football games. So that we can all remember which games are important enough to watch I offer up this handy schedule

Thanksgiving Day:

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets
I pick Dallas to win, duh. The Jets have won 2 games and the only reason they aren't last in their division is because Miami hasn't won a game yet.

#11USC vs. #6Arizona State
Americans don't much like monopolies and like most (except those living in southern california), I'm tired of seeing USC. I would like them to go away for a while and join the likes of Notre Dame(2-9), Miami(5-6), and Florida State(7-4).


Texas vs. Texas A&M
The obnoxious Aggies really aren't any good this year, but UT has been inconsistent to say the least.

#19Boise St. vs. #15Hawaii
This should be a good game simply because Boise St. is in it. If anyone saw them play OU last season or saw them in the 4-OT, 69-67 win over Nevada this season, you know what I'm talking about. Hawaii is one of only two teams left that are undefeated this season and if they run the table, there will be much BCS hand-wringing (like every year).

Arkansas vs. #1LSU
I don't think this game will be any good, but it's been a strange year. LSU has already lost once and it would be interesting if they lost again.


#20Connecticut vs. #3West Virginia
I'm just pissed because W. Virginia is ranked higher than Kansas despite losing to South Florida earlier in the year before all the South Florida hype. West Virginia is in it every year before choking in the final weeks of the season. So nuts to them.

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State
This is the Oklahoma version of the one-sided UT, A&M rivalry. One team desperately trying to garner attention over the other like those a-holes in the background of an on-location newscast. The difference being that A&M doesn't have a delusional Dickensian millionaire benefactor. A&M likely has millionaires donating also but probably to their academics rather than something as unimportant (in the grand scheme) as football.

#4Missouri vs. #2Kansas
This is the WTF game of the year. Who'd a thought these two would be this good and Nebraska would be so bad. I'm hoping Kansas wins just to fuck with the BCS standings. If they run the table and beat Missouri this week and (probably) Oklahoma the following week, will they get to play in the big game? Who knows. Its just as likely we'll see Ohio State and LSU which would be repeat of last year's blowout.


Uncle Joe said...

Football in Texas without mentioning High School Football? I'm shocked, shocked.

By the way, Case Western Reserve University is in the Division III playoffs, not that you'll find that on TV. College championship playoffs - what a concept.

I'm sure the Jets are still basking in the afterglow of last weekend's Steeler game. They should be a pushover for Dallas.

DM said...

Unless you live in the 5 richest districts in Texas, you don't give a shit about high school football.

Also, that steelers game was a fluke. They'll be fine. I'm sure they'll get to lose to the patriots in the AFC championship game, then the cowboys will lose to them in the super bowl. Sigh.

tiny robot said...

For those of us from the other side o' The Mississip, the Egg Bowl was a delightful upset, with Mississippi State winning the game in the last 4 minutes of the last quarter against [evil] Ole Miss.

Now that was a football game!

Too bad UT couldn't pull a win out of their back pocket against A&M. Oh well, they can't win every year.