Monday, November 26, 2007

The AfterGlow - Sadly, No

So UT lost this weekend and only half of the outcomes I wanted to see came to pass. Because Missouri will likely lose to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship, there probably won't be a Big 12 team in the Big Game.

So that is two in a row for A&M, but how many times has A&M beaten UT since there first game in 1894? I don't know, but you can find out at the Official UT football fan site. The site gives the dates and scores going back to the first game in 1893 where UT played Dallas U (which is not the University of Dallas). The following year UT won all but one game beating the Austin YMCA twice. UT would go on to win many more games, but here are some of the teams they lost to along the way:

Haskell 0-4 in 1904
University of Chicago 0-68 in 1904
Transylvania 0-6 in 1905
Vanderbilt 0-45 in 1906
Southwestern 9-11 in 1908
Notre Dame 7-30 in 1913
Baylor 3-7 in 1916
Rice 0-13 in 1917
Harvard 7-35 in 1931
Centenary 6-13 in 1932

There have also been stranger opponents defeated such as the Houston Town Team (1897), the Kansas City Medics (1900), and the School for the Deaf (1903).

And if you thought UT (or any team for that matter) got beat bad, check out this score: 222-0 .


Uncle Joe said...

CWRU lost to Wabash, too.

The list of old UT games reminds me of trophy case at CWRU where there game ball from the 1910s when Case beat Ohio State.

Uncle Joe said...

How 'bout them "Eers"!!!

Uncle Joe