Wednesday, December 05, 2007

On Recent Anniversaries

Today is clear, cold and sunny. Sunny may be an understatement as it is the winter sun; and while being less effective than the summer sun, it's far more bright. It is that brightness, a rarity between cold fronts, that lends itself to nostalgia.

I remember a day like this some years back. I was at the Texas Renaissance Festival with some people whom I had only known for a month (and one who I had known since I was 11). I had never heard nor seen such a spectacle as the Festival. It was odd to say the least but I really enjoyed it. We all walked around a lot seeing the sights, window shopping, and seeing one of the shows and maybe the parade...maybe. I confess I really don't remember much about the Festival. What I do remember is the way the day felt and getting up the courage to hold a girl's hand.

That was November 15th, 1997.

Sometimes it seems like we are boring or "uncool" because we are in this unchanging, decade old relationship. For better or worse however, we are usually perceived as those happy weirdos that have been together forever.

I'm sure come next decade we'll still be those happy weirdos.


DM said...

Let this be unofficial notice of our totally bitchin' 10 wedding anniversary party in 2011.

baby guanaco said...

awww...! you kids are cute!

G.J. McCarthy said...
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G.J. McCarthy said...

[dumb typos = deleted post]

Dude ... I would later (like 2001, maybe) go on to spend a wonderful RenFest with you and The M of DM fame (I hear you're big in Japan); I should have held both your hands!!

Congrats. You all sure are cute ... but in a gross way ... like, I vomited a couple of times reading your post, then another six writing this.

... now where did I leave that Scope? ...

- g -

Booklahver said...

Congrats AND very poetic. I'm impressed :)