Friday, February 22, 2008

Still busy

So here is what has been going on.
I was about to settle into a routine when my schedule changed. Now I'm on the evenings and occasional weekends rotation. Sounds bad, but its good. It means that on Tuesdays I get to sleep in till about 10 and on the weekend that I work it means that the following weekend will be a 3 day weekend. Still taking the bus and have gotten used to getting up earlier and getting home later in our small attempt to save some money and simultaneously wean the US off foreign oil.

I wrote about myself first because M had it way better this week. She was a volunteer at the Clinton-Obama debate at UT yesterday. Her job was to hang in the "spin room" and watch the debate. After it was over, she held up signs with the names of several policy wonks so that the press could find them and ask them questions like: "Healthcare, good or bad? War, good or bad?"
She didn't get mentioned by name, but do you think you can find her?:

Tonight we're taking a page out of The Gay Place: going to a bar, then going to a university function where there will be more alcohol and possibly some fun, then maybe to the Obama rally at the Capital (Capitol?)

And if all this is exciting enough for you, there is this.

UPDATE: Didn't make it to the rally, but we did have fun!

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Anonymous said...

a nice call or email to tell me you are in town would have been SWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you guys are doing good and i miss you both like CRAZY!