Friday, May 16, 2008

Some changes

Little G in Big D made the point that we at this blog are also guilty of; making reference to how we never post in every post.

With that said, we are making some changes at our new house that will hopefully facilitate more blog posts in the future.

Now that the new house is painted and each room is a different color, we have moved on to the placement of furniture. We have a strange living room because the original living room is tiny and the garage was converted to add on to the living room so it is a bit odd looking.

Because the length of the converted garage prevents us from using the entire space as a living room (my bad eyes and a normal sized television), we are going to split the room into a "reading room" and a tv room with beads* separating the two. The reading room will have books, the desktop computer and a sitting space some day, maybe a bearskin rug* for the fireplace.

Just as every place we have ever lived, the new place is kinda...sub-par. I don't qite know how to be nice about it. It has potential and it is a relief to finally be able to do something about all of the minor things that need to be changed. I'd list them, but then I'd bore you. And don't worry, in person I won't talk about the house the same way that people talk about their first born child.

We hope to have the place ship-shape in time or the house-warming party. And when would this party be? We were hoping to have it sooner than later but many conspired to put it off on until July 12th. In chronological order, those preventing you, my friend, from enjoying a keg of beer later instead of sooner: M's family, the democrats, another previously scheduled house-warming party, my family, and finally America. See you then.

In the next post, we'll have photos of some of the minor work that my brother is going to help me with at the end of June so it will be ready for the party.

*No not really

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Booklahver said...

Every house has issues. I don't think your house is "sub-par" but it needs some TLC. The great thing is that you and M are industrious, you have the desire and the great taste to fix it, and you have lots of people that are willing to help you :)
Don't fret, coquette! You have plenty of time.