Monday, June 02, 2008

House Photos with Dogs

My brother and his family are coming in late June to see the house and he is going help me with some projects around the house. He has requested to see photos of the areas we'll be working on, so here they are.

Those two ugly ass cabinets are gone, along with the uneven mini-wall that they hang from. We'll attempt to replace them with those hook things that people hang pots and pans from. We'll keep that little butt there.

Next we'll put a new floor underneath the kitchen sink. At some point there was a leak in the sink and the previous owners just let it rot out the flooring underneath then some other jackasses put ill-fitting boards underneath. I'm not asking for perfection, just a stable place to put poisons and other cleaners from the tv. We'd like not to see this:

Finally, because our living room and laundry room are a converted garage, there are no vents for either room so they are both generally hotter than the rest of the house. I checked in the attic and the duct work is metal not that insulated wrapped stuff, whatever it's called.

The dogs seem to like their new home:


jane said...

I like the fireplace! is the party still on?

hil non concession/concession speech. Obama looks great and sounds great too.

UnCl3 JoE said...

For real fun, you have to open up the electric wall switches, outlets, and any new lighting fixtures and check the wiring connections. The previous owner of our place was too lazy to go get freaking wire nuts. In one box, they actually painted the bare wires.