Thursday, June 01, 2006

Real Quick:

1. Felix got better the very next day, and the swelling was gone the day after.

2. According to Gerry, all plot synopses on the back of DVD packaging is wrong. Case in point: The Big Lebowski DVD refers to the dude's rug as a "carpet that made the room "hang together."" What the fuck?!

3. I recently found a leg hair that tied itself into a knot. It reminded me of a time that I dropped a nickel at Economy and it landed on its side.

4. Had dinner with Ben Barnes here in Albany. He showed an interest in M's future career. It was a fascinating evening.


tiny robot said...

In reference to #2, it sounds like the blurb was written by someone who either saw the movie 10 years ago and didn't remember the line or doesn't speak English as a 1st language. Woo!

In ref to #4 --- I think your M and my M should eventually establish a progressive liberal policy think-tank in El Capital. You and I could take care of the documents and organizing aspects. It's a win-win.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...
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Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Very cool on all counts. Except the movie synopsis. That guy did one too many drugs.

I once got a nickel to land on its side. Could never manage it with anything else. I assume because nickels have fat sides.

Good luck, M! We're all rooting for you to become uberpowerful so that we can say we know you and threaten people with government action! Yeah! It's like the mob, but much less pay.

(editted for retarded spelling mistake. I swear S and D are the same letter. Right?)