Friday, May 04, 2007

Its Friday?!

Did you know that today is Friday?! (That handy little exclamation point indicates sarcastic shock)

It really doesn't feel like a Friday. It feels like just another day as my highly structured, highly routinized life melts like the molecular bonds of butter between a grilled cheese sandwich and a hot teflon pan.

Of course these aren't really problems; how could I dare complain when the future was initiated by us and miraculously worked out perfectly?

The stress really originates from the struggle to keep a routine as our life slowly changes. It's as if we're peeing in our space suit as we wait to get clearance to take off. We'll wait another 18 days and then in a matter of hours our lives will be so different, our dogs will barf.

In the meantime, we'll indulge ourselves with Little Caesar's Pizza, crisp cool dry morning air, drumming without fear, and playing my tunes as loud as I want at work.

Of course, this is how I feel this week. Next week will be totally different. As Jerry Seinfeld explains it:


DM said...

Yeah, I didn't realize that there are two posts in a row that reference Seinfeld. TS.

Katy A said...

That is so true about the boxes! At work there's boxes all over the damn place, then when I need a large one to fit birthday bags, they're nowhere to be found.

tiny robot said...

OMG! You guys like Little Ceasars? Me too! (Baby G doesn't care for it.) There's a new store opening on Burnet, not far from the new digs. I see a pizza! pizza! party in our futures.

Kelly said...

It is so true. I, fortunately, found enough boxes by bugging people about them at work for like a month beforehand, and then buying the "kit" of 11 boxes at the Public Storage place. (The kit rules!) So now I actually have EXTRA boxes. And my apartment and car smell strongly of cardboard. Ug.

I officially hate boxes AND moving. And I'm gonna have to do it again in less than a year, most likely. Sigh. Oh well, at least half the stuff is already in boxes in storage.

Call me if you want help moving in when you get here!

uncle joe said...

Get boxes from the liquor store or wine store if you can - easy to manage size, not too heavy.

Packing and moving is such a pain. Too bad you're renting, otherwise I suggest packing your clothes, books, computer and a few valuables, then put everything else in a room and brick over the door.