Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Semantic Debate

As I sit surrounded by boxes, trying to keep some semblance of sanity in my last few days in small town *&^%, I can't seem to come to a conclusion about something. Maybe you can help me figure this out.

D & I have discovered we know a man that has a history of marrying rich women, spending every cent they own, then filing for divorce. He's on wife #3 right now, and has an impressively expensive hobby at the moment. We shall see.......

Anyway, D suddenly realized not too long ago that "Holy shit, he's a gigolo!"

Is he really?

I always thought that gigolos were male prostitutes, not patient opportunists that stick around for a few years to really leech off a rich wife.

What do you think? I checked out the definition of gigolo on Wikipedia and learned more than I ever wanted to about male prostitution. But if language is really what we make of it, then this calls for a better source that one web site.

What is a gigolo? A straight up prostitute, or something slightly more......creepy. If this man is a gigolo, then what do you call a plain old male prostitute? What does gigolo mean?

There's not much to do out here but work and pack, so please let me know what you think.


Kelly said...

No. He's a golddigger. Gigilos are male prostitutes. That doesn't involve marriage.

Kelly said...

Although, manwhores and gigolos are slightly different, I believe. I think gigolos are the equivalent of callgirls or escorts. They're more upscale.

I'm pretty sure a prostitute is just a prostitute, although I do enjoy the phrase "manwhore".

uncle joe said...

Golddigger - that's what I was trying to think of, though its usually applied to women.

[Wikipedia – sheesh – just enter the definition you want to see…]
Gigolo: “A man paid to be a woman’s escort” according to my 1975 dictionary. The word has French roots, but that’s for someone else to look into. Based on the information that is given, the woman is not controlling this relationship. The man is marrying the woman, essentially stealing her money, then he files for divorce. He’s a thief and a cad. It’s not a matter of semantics (unless someone is holding out on the facts.)

(Even David Lee Roth got it right.)

Megan said...

Uncle Joe is absolutely right. Thief, cad, many more names that would easily apply. Fortunately D & I are a little too low on the social ladder (read: poor) to associate with this guy regularly and soon it will be more like never again!

Goodbye stinktown!

jane said...

If only I knew how I would e-mail you that wonderful song: Just A Gigolo! and then it would be playing in your head over and over and drive you crazy. It might be on you-tube.

uncle joe said...

Too late! That stupid tune has been bouncing around my head since I first read the entry!

tiny robot said...

Um, hi. It's May 31st now...and you two have internet access, so let's have some POSTS!!!!

Uncle Joe said...

Go figure - years in East Marblef*ck Texas and they post like routinely. Now, in what I presume is the high-tech center of Texas, they can't manage any internet action!!