Friday, May 11, 2007

The Last Hour

Though not as depressing as the Elliott Smith song by the same title, sitting here at my desk with an hour to go on my last day of work here makes me sad.

I really liked my job. It was everything that graduate school had promised me and yet had that down-to-earth quality that I like in all of my endeavors. The public, the staff, all of the stakeholders were grateful and appreciative even if they didn't always quite understand what I did. I had the kind of support that is rare in any library or archives situation regardless of size of institution or budget.

It wasn't always perfect. I'm sure none of you have cleaned 100 years of dust and rat poop to get the goods, but in the end I leave square. The Archives are better off than when I started and I got an alleged "kick ass" job.

So have any of you out there ever left a job you didn't really want to? I'll say that I know of one person who did and she did it for me 3 years ago and I'll always be grateful to her.

I realize that I'm in the minority here and may not get any responses, but have at it.


tiny robot said...

I didn't want to leave the small seminary library I worked at during grad school, but they couldn't afford to hire me full time after graduation. I really liked that job and the people I worked with. I got along so well with everyone there and we all worked hard to make that little library the best little library it could be.

Fortunately for me, I then got the JOB FROM HELL which has allowed me to appreciate my current job so much (which I would anyway cuz it's pretty damn awesome) that I've been thinking of lobbying congress to allow me to marry it. Baby G might get a little jealous...

uncle joe said...

My job changes have been for something better. About the closest example I have was a summer job in 1978 at the USS Homestead Works watching steel plate go by and occasionally measuring it to confirm that is was sheared to order. An easy mill job, 10 to 11 $/hr, usually an extra shift a week and being the summer hire I worked the two holidays at double-time. Plus I had just finished a pretty lousy sophomore year. Half seriously, I said to Dad, “I wouldn’t mind working here for a while longer [that is, maybe put off college for a while]. His response: “I’ll have you fired.”

Kelly said...

Hmm. I left an internship I loved, and that was sad times, especially since I made so many friends there. I like my job now, so I'll probably be sad to leave it to move onto something better further down the road. But it's all for the best, and much better in the long run even if it sucks in the short one. :)

Joanne said...

uh oh. my pen pal is moving and i have moved too!

let me know if you got my last letter, since I know the turn around is like three months.

you're lucky to have had a job you loved!