Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Its been one month since the puppies were born. Now they can walk, run-kind of, growl and bark. They also have little baby teeth that are very sharp, but their jaws aren't very strong. This week we have puppy-only pics...no people.

Notice in two shots, there are small puddles on the floor. We hope to avoid this in the future. If you happen to drive by our house the first week of January, you are bound to see M holding a confused and guilt-ridden puppy while running out to the yard. She will be training them to "do their business" as the blue hairs call it.

Pictured here are Oscar and Felix looking slightly embarassed. We can already tell they will be great friends, or fiends. See first post...Pinky and the Brain. They have already started ass-grabbing with each other. And when one barks or growls, the other one has to chime in.

You can see my finger there right on the edge. They seemed very interested until they realized my finger was not a nipple. Then they started grab-assing again. The book said that we would be able to tell when they are about to go, but they just kept peeing with no warning. I hope it is because they are still too young. One last photo. Still look like a guinea pig? Please say no!

This has nothing to do with puppies, but that will happen from time to time. A couple of weeks ago M and I (ooh, context clue as to who is typing!) went to a gallery opening at work (see The Old Jail Art Center) M has reminded me that it was also the 25th anniversary of my museum, so it was called the Silver Ball. Anyway, the photographer, who is a cool dude, took pictures the whole night and took one of M and I all dressed up in front of a most telling piece of modern art. In full view, the art is quite odd, its called "The bag I take to work with me everyday." Here is the photo, see if you can figure out why is it a "telling" piece. To see a larger version, just click on it.

If no one can figure it out, don't worry, I'll post a comment in a couple of days.


Dr. Harleen Quinzel said...

Darnit Daniel. Now I'm confused and I'll be wondering about it for days.


The puppies should stop peeing after a while. I know that Ryan's dog, Penny, was peeing nonstop for a few months, but now she doesn't pee on the floor anymore, with hardly any training. I think they usually grow out of it.

Cute pictures. Yay! And Meg, your boobs look awesome in that dress! :)

tiny robot said...

Who are those two grown ups in the picture?

...And, is the "bag" a bladder?

jane said...

Those puppies are too cute. Which one is Felix and which one is Oscar, since they are after all, my grand puppies.

Mel-a-rific said...

I like your Guinea-puppies.

They are cute.

Rick said...

i think the bag is M