Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One Last Visit

Well since it's almost Christmas, and we're getting out of town as soon as possible after work, this was our last visit with the pups until we bring them home. I'm sure it will never actually occur to me that these are the last few peaceful days we'll have at home before our new arrivals. Ah well....

For the first time, the little guys actually look like real dogs! No more guinea pig babies! Their eyes, ears and legs for the most part are working. We've even heard a few barks and growls. Now if I can just get D to stop encouraging them to bark. D, I can growl too, you know.

Here's a few pics of our big boy dogs.

O.K. Just one picture.....

I started this blog more than a week ago fully intending to finish it before Christmas....so much for those peaceful days. The holidays snuck up on us. Suddenly we were packing to leave town! Anyway, we promise to get back on this blogging thing after New Year's. Then we'll be able to update even more because the dogs will live with us!

Hope everyone got some good loot and safely made it home.

Happy New Year.

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