Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hey Bloggers,

No pictuers at this juncture. The dogs are more or less the same. Since the last tiime, we have only had two incidence of fecal espionage. Unfortunately, we have had countless accidents with the number one, but luckily it doesn’t stain and the carpet is tan anyway. We do believe they are catching on though, but for them to catch on, I have say, in a very high voice, “Do you have to go potty?” I have to say this evertime I think they may have to go, and everytime we go out. This is easy for Megan, she has a high voice. I just sound like a chode.

I also found out that I am going to go to ALA midwinter in San Antonio, but just for the opening weekend. I’m going just to campaign for Dr. Roy, who as you all may or may not know is running for ALA president in March. I’m going to stay with my old firend Diego, who is a pharmacist, and we all know what kind of month he has been having. I always thought that sometimes he could be a bit callous, but callousness is a necessity now with angry seniors getting screwed by the transition from Medicaid to Medicare Plan D.

Despite the long drive, I have hope that it’ll be a good time, plus I’ll get to try my salesman skills on a different group of people. At the archives conference, I usually sell raffle tickets, now I’ll try my best at selling Dr. Roy. Who wants to come with me?

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Anonymous said...

May I say, D. The phrase "fecal espionage" made my damn day.