Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today is Sunday. As you can see below, I'm catching up on some reading. Who battled cancer, what kind of lip gloss won't glue my lips together, and how can I give the WWW the finger in a very very subtle way.

Its also mid-lame month and we still have yet to take down the holiday lights. M is currently running around the house trying to get the dogs to chase her. Sometimes they chase, and sometimes they do that ass-rubbing-the-floor run.

Anyway, without further .... blah are some more pictures:


The dogs doing their best Elizabeth Taylor

Oscar: Pooping, or climbing the couch?

Another action shot.

They get their 2nd round of shots on Wednesday, including meds to rid them of tapeworm, which they got by eating the fleas that they had when they lived with their mom. We'd leave the tapeworms in, but we aren't raising models.

In Archives news, there was a very good article in this quarter's American Archivist. In about 40 pages, it told me to stop living in a fantasy world and start putting whatever information I had on unprocessed collections on the website. The thesis being that I will never have enough time to completely process them all, as long as I am taking in new acquisitions. So with all of that out of the way, I can get new shelving. Yea for me. I never thought that shelving could excite me so. It would excite me more if it was that kind that is made of arched bars instead of solid metal.

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Uncle Joe said...

Cute pups, but by a book. Remember, they are pack animals. Make sure they know who the alpha-male and alpha-female are. Also, try to ignore the fact that you have two carnivores in the house.