Monday, January 30, 2006

The Teacher Becomes the Student

So, they call it "dog school" but it's really school for people that are not smarter than their dogs. Yes, D and I are part of this category. Tonight we completed our second of eight dog classes. Fortunately, the class is only for puppies so, though Felix was the first in the class to go to the bathroom on the floor, he will not be the last. (please, please, please) It's embarrassing when your dogs leaves little presents on the floor of the classroom, but when someone else's dog vomits everywhere, well that's really funny.

It turns out that D and I have not been making ALL the common dog training mistakes, but we're certainly making plenty of them. I mean, did you know that you have to take the dogs out every day to successfully house train them?!?!?! And since when did puppies eat things that aren't good for them? I mean now we have to clean up all those puddles of antifreeze and chocolate we've got all over the house! And WHAT am I going to do with my poisonous plant collection?

No, we're actually learning a lot and now have dogs that mostly come when we call them and can even sit down for a few seconds. It's really interesting to watch the dog trainer try to peg everyone in the class. She thought she knew D & I and the dogs right off the bat. I apparently came off as the one that babies the dogs and doesn't raise my voice. HA!! She also assumed that we each had our own dog, as if one was "mine" or "his". Neither one is mine when they've just peed on the floor. Those are D's dogs! Anyway, it's interesting and gets us off the ranch for something other than work or a trip to Austin. I guess we'll keep going.....if only so Felix can learn that he's not actually 150 pounds of pure muscle ready to devour another dog on the spot. Yes, he's one of those big dogs in a tiny body. Well, I've made you read long enough. Here's what you really came for:

This is a picture at the puppies first house. We took them back to play with their mom and uncle. Once the sniffing was over, all they wanted to do was go outside.

Above is Cookie (mom) with Felix. He seemed to recognize her right away, though Oscar didn't ever really warm up.

Left is Oscar with Uncle Squirrel. They're almost the same size as each other. It's pretty funny since Squirrel is from the same litter as Cookie, who actually grew.

Another shot of them on the couch with me. There seem to be a lot of these. Maybe I should get outside more often.......Nah.

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Are the lil fellas going camping?