Friday, January 13, 2006

So today is Friday the 13th, but its in the lamest month of the year, January. So how lame is January? Two holidays, New Year's and MLK Day. One obviously travels, the other is subject to non-observation depending on your job and your geographic locale. Here in Albany, MLK Day is sacrificed so that the school can shut down when the Stock Show comes to town. Why should they, there are no blacks the reason one will get when asked why MLK Day is not observed. The true meaning of MLK Day seems to be completely lost here.

So again, January is lame. Its a cold, slow march from the drunken bliss of the holidays to the brief and commercial facade that is Valentines Day. Pass the marzipan! From then on, its gets better. There is the March of Easter (for my family, an excuse to get together and barbecue), the April Birthdays (about 12 of them), and on to the Friday of the months, May, usually marked by good weather and summer vacation planning. And then it will be summer again, with the blistering heat that I call normal. By then, the dogs will be fully grown and trained enough so that we can dump them off on my sister while we fly off to someplace for vacation. Likely California.

So when most of you are enjoying your Monday off (as I get every Monday, mofos), remember Megan as it will be business as usual.

BTW, I told you all that it would be hard to keep up with this and raise the puppies at the same time.

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